Newton's cradle, metal and fish line. Good condition.
Dark blue breifcase/bag (basically a briefcase but not hard sides), sturdy canvas, well made. Even has a zipper around the sides to expand the space. Has the company name Deloitte on the front.
I am giving away three big trash bags full of batting / stuffing (probably polyester) that was removed from couch cushions in a home that has indoor pets (in case if somebody has allergies). The stuffing appears to be clean to me. This material is the type of batting that is used to fill stuffed animals / plush toys / pillows / cushions. It is not the stuff that is in sheets that you put inside...
Well, the title basically says it all. It has a cracked screen and was booting up just fine for a little while (just super slow and running Win8.1 of all things) and then after a couple of hard reboots, it says that the disk failed. I'm tired of trying to get it to work but someone much savvier than I am may be able to do something with it or take out useful components. It doesn't come with the...
I have boxed, bottled, canned food storage etc..out on my drveway. There is quite a bit out there- including some entire cases of soup etc. I nned it picked up ASAP - like now please.Address is 1010 West 1420 North in Orem. North side of teh street in a dark brick rambler with a dark blue Ford ikn the driveway. Please take all. First come first served.
I have a manual breast pump used about two times and a box of 50 breastmilk storage bags. Porch pickup.
I have two paper grocery bags with canned, boxed and bottled food storage I am rotating. Some expiered some not. Located in NW Orem near the Lindon Home Depot exit. Must be picked up between 1 and 4:30 PM tomorrow ( because of my wacky schedule) Wll havee more together by then. Hoping someone can use this.
Somewhere near 150 crushed pop cans in plastic bags.
Last time we had this LG washer repaired we were told the next thing to go would be the bearing. Well, it isn't dead yet, but we can hear the bearing. It's been a good washer and is about 12 yrs. old. I can't promise it will work much longer. (We didn't want it to die in the middle of a load or have water leaking out underneath.) If anyone can use this washer for parts or recycling, you're welc...
We had a pedestal made for our front loader laundry set. It's really sturdy - and a little heavy. Now that I no longer use the washer, I'm offering it to a good home! It's been nice to have the washer and dryer raised up. There was a slat of wood added on the side the washer was so that if there vibrations it wouldn't fall off the pedestal. I am unable to offer delivery service.
What I wish I'd know in high school by John Bytheway. Text 208-220-5968
1 set of foam nunchucks with hard plastic cores.Text 208-220-5968
This is a knife with case, blade approximately 6 inches long, slightly sharp. Text 208-220-5968
Folding knife, thick and sturdy. Latch doesn't work but could probably be fixed. Blade is sharp. Text 208-220-5968
Catching fire and Mockingjay, both hard back and in very good condition with dust jackets. Text 208-220-5968
all in good condition except 2 do have small chips on the edges. I got these from freecycle several years ago but have no use for them anymore.
Free carpet and pad. Being replaced to put in laminate floors. Approximately 900 square feet.
This artificial turf field is being replacesd and the old one is available for free. Would like for you to take all of it. Rolls will have the infill material in it and will weigh several thousand lbs. Approximately 80 rolls. Each roll will be approximately 15x 65-80 and weigh approximately 3,500lbs. You can get 9-11 rolls on a semi-trailer. Its coming out at the end of the month and Id like to...
Free on the sidewalk. First come first serve. 2536 N 460 EProvo, UT
We have tons and tons of fill dirt Probably 6 plus dump trucks worth of it. Easy to get to and if you come now we have a way to easily load it with a skid steer machine.
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